Alexandre Chanson

Grad Student

Exploratory data Analysis, Data Science, Orienteering, Business Intelligence

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Here is my list of publications :

Research activities


My research interests include, OLAP systems, user centric approaches, query generation and recommendation, interestingness measures in OLAP databases. I'm also interested by one-pass clustering methods.

Ongoing Projects


I'm a PhD student, at the University of Tours, France. I obtained a masters degree in Data Science from the same university in 2020. I'm currently studying automated data exploration formulated as a routing problem, this is a join work between the ROOT (ERL 7002) and BDTLN teams of LIFAT.

My main skills are: Data science and engineering, Software development (Java, Js, Python) and architecture, ETL/ELT processes, Data Warehouses design.
I'm also familiar with business intelligence software (cube design and reporting) as I have participated in research on those systems.

Don't hesitate to e-mail me if want an 'old fashion' resume.